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Welcome to
Equitable Analytics

Advancing health equity

Helping people in our communities is ultimately what matters. Providers, Payors, Policy Makers, Care Management Teams, and Community Based Organizations need to prioritize their resources on those who need help most.


A clear strategy executed with data and analytic solutions is needed to make the most of the pragmatic realities by prioritizing initiatives, creating efficiencies, measuring impact and telling a value story.

Equitable Analytics is your Partner on your journey to help the Communities you serve.

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Our Partnership

First - we want to understand your objectives and the challenges you face. From your starting point we’ll build a Health Equity Opportunity Map (free) that will help visualize your objectives, the levers you have for action and what your data landscape looks like.

Based on the assessment we will lay out a strategy to help your organization to define meet incremental targets that will show the value of the work you are doing. This will include assessment for data gaps, development or vended solutions for capability enhancements and support to tell your value story.

Our goal is to help organizations advance Health Equity. We believe that all processes and solutions must evolve to stay current. We will work with your teams to provide training to own and maintain the processes and solutions we build, and we are always available to help you when you’re ready to expand or face unexpected challenges. 

The first step is easy!  Schedule a free consultation. 

Our Mission and Vision

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Our Mission

To pay forward the experience we’ve gained and expertise we’ve developed to reduce health disparities in your community.



Our Vision

For everyone to have an equal opportunity for a healthy life.

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